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Text (SMS) message marketing works. SMS stands for Short Message Service, commonly referred to as text messaging, or texting. SMS marketing is a technique used to transfer marketing communications to interested customers who have given their explicit permission to be subscribed to texts from your business.

Companies and organizations use this method to alert subscribers about specials, coupons, sales, promotions and more via highly targeted, permission-based, opt-in text messages. Messages must be short and concise and the results are proven to increase revenue and build customer loyalty.

  • Import contacts easily

  • Customize keys words and personalize SMS text messages online

  • Send bulk SMS messages to a personalized lists of group subscribers

  • Use our analytics & reporting to instantly view statistics in real time to help you understand which text message marketing campaigns are performing

  • Set up autoresponders to follow up with subscribers at specific times

  • Reach Everyone  - All mobile devices can receive texts, while only smart-phone users can access email

  • Achieve Instantaneous Contact - SMS texts notify and alert users immediately, unlike email, which needs to be open, clicked and refreshed

  • Have Complete Control Over Your Message - Schedule an exact time to deliver the perfect message at specifically the right moment

  • Promote Your Website - Drive traffic to your landing page and websites, earning clicks and starting more conversions.

  • Reward Your Customers - Send discounts and special offers to your customer base.

  • Advertise Offers - Text coupons with discounts offered for a limited time, as customers are more likely to jump on a deal that won’t last

  • Keep Your Customers in the Loop - Text your base with updates on new products, features or availabilities

  • Announce Events - Let your customers be the first to know about upcoming events, sales or conferences


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